Financial Management Training Center

The Financial Management Training Center offers free training courses, video lessons, and other resources to help you learn business finance. Each training resource is summarized below:

Online Training Courses

Formal online training in critical topics such as Corporate Finance, Risk Management, and Problem Solving

Quick Short Courses

Download and read a quick course on key topics such as Strategic Planning, Competitive Intelligence and Project Management


Purchase a webinar event for direct online training at an executive level. Topics include Balanced Scorecard 101 and Financial Modeling


You can download and learn how to use Microsoft Excel from the Spreadsheet Page. This is the most popular page on this website.

Video Lessons

View a short lesson on a specific topic such as Equity Financing, Cash Management, and Inventory Control

Additional Training

Download files to better understand a topic or support a course you are taking from this web site

Courses offered on this web site are for private consumption and any commercial use of course materials requires the execution of a License Agreement.