Module 1 - Course 4: Fundamentals of Corporate Finance Part 2

Welcome to Module 1 Course 4 Fundamentals of Corporate Finance Part 2


Welcome to this course on Corporate Finance Part 2. This is a continuation of the pervious course: Fundamentals of Corporate Finance Part 1. In part 2, we will learn about the time value of money and how this impacts our evaluation of investments. We will also gain an understanding of how we should manage the capital of the business


Listed below are some instructions on how to take this course:  


Moving through the Course Use the arrow buttons in the lower right section of the page to move through each page of the course.  


Course Outline An outline of all pages and chapters is listed on the left side of the page.


Progress Bar - As you work through the table of contents, a progress bar will appear in the upper left portion of the course box.


Audio or Video Content This course includes audio and / or video files in the flv format.   Make sure you install the Flash Player to play audio and video files.


Supplemental Workbook This course includes a case study workbook. Please download this file before you begin taking the course. A Course Glossary is also available.   


Review Questions Review questions appear at the end of each chapter.  



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