Frequently Asked Questions - Training Courses

  • 1

    Question: Can I obtain a Certificate of Completion for completing a course?

    Answer: All of the courses are offered for free without any formal standards or certificates. You are free to download and use the PowerPoint Certificate if you like.

  • 2

    Question: Can I earn credit for taking a course?

    Answer: Once again, all courses are offered for free to reach as many people possible. As a result the courses do not meet or qualify for issuing official credit. If you are enrolled in another course, you may want to ask your instructor if you and other participants can earn credit.

  • 3

    Question: Are there any plans for offering more courses?

    Answer: Since all courses are free and do not generate any sales, no more courses are planned.

  • 4

    Question: I took one of the courses online and completed the final exam at the end. Is there an answer sheet to the exam?

    Answer: Download the Complete Answer Sheet.

  • 5

    Question: How can I translate a course into another language?

    Answer: You can use services such as Babel Fish or World Lingo. If you need to view a Microsoft Excel file, you will need to download and install the Excel Viewer.