Critical Success Factors Defined

There are things that your organization must do right if you expect to survive in the future. These critical areas require constant care and attention on the part of management. According to John F. Rockart in the Harvard Business Review: "Critical success factors for any business are the limited number of areas in which results, if they are satisfactory, will ensure successful competitive performance for the organization."

Therefore, critical success factors represent performance areas that must meet expectations if the organization is to flourish. Measurements are used to track performance in each critical success area. Critical success factors are both internal and external. For example, comparison of budgets to actual would be internal while percent of market share would be external.

One way to identify critical success factors is to go through a strategic planning process. A second or complimentary approach is to conduct competitive intelligence research. Look at the success factors of your competition. Collectively, you will need to develop a set of critical success factors which serves as the foundation for your performance measurement system. Consequently, critical success factors are an important link between strategic plans and performance measurement systems.

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