Welcome to Excellence in Financial Management (exinfm)

This website provides a wide range of free resources to help you improve your financial management practices in the running of your business. Some of the resources (such as Excel Spreadsheets) are focused on helping financial professionals such as Chief Financial Officers, Financial Managers, and Business Analyst resolve specific issues. Other resources, such as free online training, are more general with the goal of helping educate anyone on how accounting and finance works within the business world.

Please note that I am now retired and no longer available for any major assignments or work. If you reside in the greater Washington D.C. area and would like to book an appointment with me through SCORE, visit the SCORE Scheduling Page.

"I relied heavily on Matt's financial background to get us through each year, and he never let us down." - Don Garvin, Vice President

"Matt is a very strong worker, he meets deadlines, and has made improvements to our overall systems." - Woody Thrasher, President

"Throughout his tenure with us, Mr. Evans demonstrated a strong commitment to all of his projects and he was able to meet deadlines imposed by his contract." - Ognian Shentov, Chief Executive Officer

"I have developed the highest respect for Matt both as a friend and as a professional colleague." - Mostafa Aleseyed, Professor of Economics