Module 2 - Course 1

Problem Solving and

Decision Making

Welcome to Module 2 Course 1 Problem Solving


Welcome to this course on Problem Solving. This course describes concepts and techniques that are important to problem solving. This includes critical thinking and creative thinking. This course will also touch on some important analytical techniques such as root cause analysis and brainstorming. Additional analytical tools are described in Course 2 Tools and Techniques. You are encouraged to take both courses to fully understand the full range of techniques at your disposal for problem solving.   


Listed below are some instructions on how to take this course:  


Course Navigation Use the arrow buttons in the lower right section of the page to move through each page of the course.  


Course Outline An outline of all pages and chapters is listed on the left side of the page.


Progress Bar - As you work through the table of contents, a progress bar will appear in the upper left portion of the course box.


Audio or Video Content This course includes audio and / or video files in the flv format.   Make sure you install the Flash Player to play audio and video files.


NOTE: This course includes a Glossary (separate file).   


Review Questions This course includes review questions at the end of each chapter.   NOTE: THERE IS NO CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION ASSOCIATED WITH THIS COURSE!

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